A. What and how much can I submit? You may submit up to one piece of fiction, one piece of creative nonfiction, one comic, and up to five poems. If you have a multimodal project you think we might be interested in, just ask.

B. Can I submit if I am not an undergraduate or graduate student attending Georgia Tech? The mission of the World Englishes Committee is specifically to support the academic and professional goals of Georgia Tech’s multilingual and international students. We offer many resources for faculty members on campus, but even they may not submit creative works to RAMBLE.

C. When can I submit? We will begin accepting submissions for Issue 6 in September 2024. Our submission period for Issue 4 will remain open until April 5, 2024.

D. What do you mean by “previously published work”? We interpret “previously published work” as work that has appeared in other print or digital venues such as journals, magazines, websites, personal blogs, etc.. We do encourage students to submit creative work that they have produced for their classes.

Note: Some instructors assign students to create blogs. If your piece came from such a class blog or other digital forum, please let us know in advance.

E. When will I know if my submission or submissions have been accepted? When we make our final decisions, we will notify via email everyone who submitted. In other words, when we know, you’ll know.

F. Do you accept original musical compositions? We’re open to it! Do you also dance?

G. Do I get paid if my work is accepted? We are not a paying market at this time. It is exciting to be published, and it could be a line on your resume or CV. Following publication, we will send you a link to the magazine, which you should share with your friends and families. We will do the same, but with our friends and families.

H. Are there content guidelines? We’re fairly eclectic in our tastes. We don’t publish pornography or erotica (and, as stated elsewhere, we don’t publish research articles). We do try to keep an open mind with genre fiction like fantasy or science fiction. To us, it is the quality of the submissions that matter most.

I. Do you accept the pieces as they are? The reason we have an editorial staff is because 1) we need people to review submissions for the magazine, and 2) we also expect to do some editing of most–if not all–pieces we intend to publish. This is a normal part of the publishing process, so if we select your piece, just expect that it may look a little bit different in publication than it did in the Word .docx file you sent us.