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The Communication Center (also called the Naugle CommLab)

The Communication Center is designed to assist students with any project related to communication, including–but not limited to–papers, posters, resumes, cover letters, and oral presentations. The services provided by the Naugle CommLab, such as tutoring sessions, in-depth workshops, and rehearsal rooms for presentations or high-quality recording, are free to Georgia Tech students. To make appointments, click here.

Here is their current mission statement:

“At the Communication Center, students from all disciplines at Georgia Tech work with tutors with expertise in core areas of communication. From tutors, students learn both conventional and innovative techniques of communication and diverse strategies for effectively conveying ideas. Students collaborate with tutors to improve upon defining, realizing, and relaying their own interests and needs as communicators. By talking with tutors about such aspects as the audience, format, medium, and style of their projects, students further develop their written, oral, visual, electronic, and non-verbal communication skills.”

Georgia Tech Language Institute (GTLI)

The Language Institute is a for-profit organization dedicated to providing English courses and intensive programs to suit individuals of many proficiency levels, cultural backgrounds, and needs. These individuals may include (as specified on the GTLI “About Us” web page):

  • Students preparing for academic work in the United States
  • Professionals looking for career improvement through better language skills
  • Other individuals who would like to better their language skills for social reasons

To learn more about their courses and programs, as well as schedules and costs, click here.

Here is a copy of GTLI’s mission statement:

“The mission of the Language Institute is to increase the English language proficiency and cultural understanding of our students to help them meet their academic, professional, and social needs. Our core values include Community, Accountability, Respect, Excellence, and Service (CARES).”


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