Just Write!

We understand how difficult composing process(es) can be. Everyone does, albeit for different reasons. These pages provide resources and ideas to help writers, regardless of their cultural and linguistic backgrounds or identities, navigate those processes and find out what works best for them. It can be amazing to see what happens to writers once they discover what their ideal process looks like.

Everyone we know has done battle with the dreaded blank screen or the college-rule void that is their notebook and subsequently lost the nerve to continue. Writers have different ideas, experiences, motivations, audiences, backgrounds, and needs, so it becomes nigh impossible to suggest a single strategy to help you all face up to your Word .doc and produce something resembling a first draft. Sometimes people simply need to stand up and go for a walk. Sometimes people need food to jump-start their thinking and their motivation, but we cannot do much for those people except tell them to go get a snack. That being said, we do have some other ideas and resources that might help some of you get started.