Scholarly Resources for World Englishes

While this website, World Englishes: Linguistic Variety, Global Society, was originally conceived as a repository for resources about World Englishes, ESL, teaching English as a second or other language, translingualism, and so on, the site is also supposed to function as a hub that connects our audience to digital resources that exist outside of our site. By embracing these dual functions, we hope to increase our utility for students, teachers, scholars, and other interested entities. With that in mind, here are some additional World Englishes resources to consider looking into.

The Purdue Online Writing Lab (OWL) offers a series of web pages on the subject of World Englishes, including an overview and definition of the field, ideas for bringing World Englishes into the classroom, and an extensive list of readings connected to World Englishes. You may find some of those readings cited in the Bibliographies and Annotations section of this site, along with many other informative readings on a variety of topics.

Additionally, we would also like to direct your attention to several scholarly journals related to the study of World Englishes:

World Englishes

TESOL Quarterly

Asian Englishes

Journal of World Languages

Happy reading!