World Cinema Spotlights

Just as the Multilingual Pedagogy committee embraces diverse forms of English, we also embrace the diversity of global cinema. Through the year, we will be sharing a few of our film recommendations in our new World Cinema Spotlight program, founded by committee member and film scholar Anu Thapa. In 2019, a number of Brittain Fellows came together to share a list of their favorite international films, which represented an early iteration of the work we are attempting to do with the World Cinema Spotlights. If you have a film recommendation you’d like to share, please send us an email at, or hit us up on social media.

May 2024

The Boy and the Heron (reviewed by Jin Kobayashi)

April 2022

Made in Bangladesh (reviewed by Martin Lachev)

Travelers and Magicians (reviewed by Avery Hall)

April 2021

The Tale of Princess Kaguya (reviewed by Eric Lewis and Kendra Slayton)

March 2021

3 Idiots (reviewed by Alok Amatya and Jeff Howard)