Zhe Ming Chng is currently an undergraduate Computer Science major at Georgia Tech. He was born in the sunny tropical island of Singapore and grew up there as well.

Valeria Granados is an undergraduate at Georgia Tech majoring in Biomedical Engineering. She recently wrote a nonfiction piece exploring her experience as a bilingual speaker and how it has shaped her perception of the world as well as her confidence in each language.

Jeff Howard is a Marion L. Brittain Postdoctoral Fellow teaching first-year composition and creative writing in the Writing and Communication Program at Georgia Tech. Jeff is also an assistant co-director of the Naugle Communication Center. In 2020-21, he was the recipient of both the Helen H. Naugle Professional Tutor of the Year Award and the Southeastern Writing Center Association’s (SWCA) Professional Tutor of the Year Award. He is an assistant editor for RAMBLE.

Prithvi Khosla is an undergraduate student at Georgia Tech majoring in Computer Science. She likes poetry because it’s a way of expression that leaves a much larger room for interpretation and she love knowing different meanings to the same set of words.

Eric Lewis earned his B.A. in English and philosophy at William Jewell College and his Ph.D. in English at the University of Notre Dame. He studies reader-character relationships in twentieth- and twenty-first-century Global Anglophone fiction, especially Irish and South African fiction. He loves podcasts, scary movies, and complicated, friendship-risking board games. He is an assistant editor for RAMBLE.

Ian Loo is currently a second-year Computer Science student here at Georgia Tech. He is from Malacca, Malaysia, with Chinese heritage, and is 19 years old. He is also a transfer student, having transferred from Purdue University to Tech in the Fall 2020 semester. He grew up in an English-speaking home as he attended an international school, but he is proficient in Mandarin and Malay. He has a few hobbies ranging from online gaming to photography.

Nicholas Mach is a first year at Georgia Institute of Technology studying Business Administration with a concentration in Finance. His youth has been engulfed by his ever-growing passion for finance and he strives to bring that drive to his literary works.

Sakshi Nanda is an Architect from India and currently pursuing a Master of Science in Urban Design at Georgia Tech. She is passionate about the connections between varied scalesthe human scale, the built form, and the overall city form. She is heritage enthusiast and an avid walker.  

Neha is a fourth year International Affairs pre-PT student at Georgia Tech. She grew up speaking Gujarati at home and learned English from her older sister. When she is not reading or writing, Neha tries to learn Mandarin from C-dramas, swims at the CRC, and plays volleyball with her dad. Neha hopes that she will one day publish many books and no longer be terrified of fast-moving insects.

Javier Pratdesaba is a first-year undergraduate student at Georgia Tech, majoring in Biomedical Engineering and minoring in Computer Science. He moved to the United States from Guatemala when he was nine years old, and he enjoys telling others about his experiences as a newcomer.

Kendra Slayton is a native Michigander and an alumnus of Michigan State University. She lived in Yamanashi-ken, Japan for three years, working as an English teacher with the JET program, before earning her MA and PhD at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, specializing in medieval literature and gender. She’s now a Marion L. Brittain Postdoctoral Fellow and co-assistant director of the Naugle Communication Center. Since she is a walking cliché of a medievalist, she has two cats and enjoys shows like Buffy the Vampire Slayer. She is the managing editor for RAMBLE.

Mingxiao Song is a first year undergraduate student from China. Here’s a brief introduction: She is the most artistic programmer. While learning technological knowledge, she indulges herself in the beauty of life, enjoying and recording it. Mingxiao loves photography, travel, astronomy, reading and writing, and likes the collision of art and technology, the blending of text and pictures. She sees herself as a part of nature, living in freedom and happiness.

Rocio Soto is a third year undergraduate Literature, Media, & Communication (LMC) student here at Georgia Tech. Among other things she loves to stress bake, watch the Great British Baking Show while she stress bakes, and read. However, more recently she has taken an interest in hiking!

Karina Teichert is a first year LMC/PUBP double major. She is half Chinese and half German/English, so she grew up speaking Mandarin and English. When she’s not studying for class or working, she loves reading, writing poetry, and listening to music!

Alyssa Wright is a 1st-year Biomedical Engineering major who is trying to find her way in life. In order to make sense of her past, present, and future, she explores both her Hispanic and African heritage through her writing.