Dead Dog Floating Softside-Up in Cypress Creek

Karina Teichert

There’s a spiraling stillness about un-life 
Expiration is not a single event 
It is a combined, fluid motion that creeps slowly into the folds between life and death. 
Un-life is so quiet and surreptitious that when it finally comes time to enter or exit this plane, 
It is both expected and sudden. 

 Un-life’s careful crow’s feet have slithered up behind the dead dog in Cypress Creek and filled its
Lungs with water and tied a rock to its tail. 
The dog was yanked unceremoniously into life 
Forever in tow of mother and leash 
Until finally being released into the warm embrace of un-life.
Returning once again to the All-Mother. 
Returning once again to float, softside-up 
In Cypress Creek. 

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