Demure Women

Elizabeth Balinao

When you walk down the street,

hold your head up, reach for the heavens,

and wear your highest heels.

Flaunt your body and be proud!

If a man tries to take you down

and tells your pretty face to go to hell,

tell him you’re already there and loving it.


When you go to that interview,

put on your business best

and show off your brightest smile.

Show him what a woman is!

If he tries to tell you you’re too assertive

and compares you to a female dog,

bark and tell him you’d like a bone.


When you arrive at your home sweet home,

unwind, kick off your heels,

and don’t be afraid to take your bra off.

Be yourself–you’re home at last!

If he pushes you around

and asks you where the coffee is,

tell him you don’t know, but you will take yours black.