Finding My Way in Atlanta

Sakshi Nanda

This photo series is based on my initial experience in the United States, based on observations which are either new to me or that remind me of home. I have always believed that taking photographs is a unique mechanism of journaling experiences, and it has become an integral part of my everyday life. Capturing these instances in city life has been a consistent practice for about nine years now. It has helped me greatly to understand the relationship between the form of cities and their objects. The photographs have been edited in black and white, to display a sense of harmony and depth. I capture stories through the medium of photography as it helps me process that very moment of experience. 

Finding My Way

Finding my way through the landmarks, walking through the streets of downtown, I pause and ponder, “How does the old meet the new?” 

An Afternoon in January

 यहां हर कोई धूप निकलते बाहर चलने चला जाता है, समय के हिसाब से नही, मौसम के हिसाब से। 
काफी जगह है यहा लोग और उनके छोटे दोस्तों के लिए।
Everyone goes out for a stroll when the sun’s out, irrespective of the time. There’s plenty of space for the people and their little friends. 

We Are All Spectators

Before coming to Atlanta, I had seen many photos of Piedmont Park. When I visited, it reminded me of a lake close to my home in India. The silence, people admiring the skyline, and the setting sky helped me frame this photograph. 


American cities are car-dependent cities, though witnessing this convergence of three modes made me smile. 


In winter, the city looked intimidating, with no foliage and tall glass buildings. I stopped and contemplated the scale and felt small in the bustling midtown district.  

Mumbai in Atlanta

न जाने क्यूं ये सड़क मुझे रीगल थिएटर की याद दिलाती है। 
पहले दिन यहां आकर, मेरी नज़र इसपर गई। 
हर बार यहां से गुजरते वक्त मुंबई की याद आजती है। 
I don’t know why this theatre reminds me of Regal theatre (an iconic-heritage theatre, built following the British architectural style). Since day one, whenever I walk pass Fox, it takes me back to the streets of Mumbai. 

Favorite Place

The Beltline is the most accessible, diverse and active place I have experienced in Atlanta. A significant urban design project that has transformed the city, it acts as a stage for expression and freedom. 


The Bank of America Plaza catches the visitor’s eye even before landing, as the tallest tower in Atlanta. 

Discovering Heritage

Being an avid Art Deco lover, finding Art Deco in Atlanta was pure bliss! 
Varsity–established in 1928. This is the main branch of the largest drive-in fast food chain in the world! 

Self Portrait

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