RAMBLE Magazine Submissions

Are you creative? Are you a writer/artist/communicator? Do you generally not think of yourself as any of those, but your English 1101 or 1102 instructor assigned you to compose a poem or a short story or photo essay or video or infographic or some other creative communication artifact? If any of these things fit your situation–and if you meet our eligibility criteria for submitting (see below)–then we just might have a publishing opportunity for you!

RAMBLE seeks to publish original, unpublished creative work (poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction, and much more) produced by multilingual and international undergraduate and graduate students at Georgia Tech who meet one or more of the following eligibility criteria:

    • you are learning English as a second or other language
    • your first language is a postcolonial variety of English (as an example, if you come from Singapore and spoke a variety of Singapore-English growing up)
    • you come from a bilingual/multilingual home situation

If you believe you meet our criteria for eligibility, but are not certain, just email us and we can let you know. If you would like to submit to RAMBLE, please feel free to submit work for review by sending it to Kendra Slayton at GTworldenglishescommittee@gmail.com.

Before submitting, please read our Submissions and FAQ pages for more information on what we are looking to publish. We also invite you to read an issue of the magazine so you can get a sense of the kinds of pieces we publish. We are not a paying market, but we are happy to review and potentially publish your work.