A Rose

Prithvi Khosla

From a seed to everyone’s love,  
from heaven it dropped to earth.  
Wandering through the cries of learning,  
it stemmed from no worth.  

Under the skies, aflame and elixir-moist, 
lying in a blanket of warmth.  
Rendering love, compassionendearment,  
it presents itself to the world. 

Plucked from its roots,  
tightly held in their hand. 
A strong tight squeeze. 
It closes its eyes and begins to wither, 
exposed and hurt, a broken fixture.  

A fragmented petal,  
in an old book faded. 
Reading the wet pages of the diary, 
it reminisces sitting on top of the thorns. 
Ontogenesis perturbed, 
yet again abraded.  

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