Video Lectures on Language and Linguistics, part 2


One of the reasons this website exists is to provide resources to visitors who want to know more about the topics with which this site concerns itself. One of these major topics is linguistics. The purpose of this post is to provide just a few links to video lectures (or interviews) on linguistics by prolific scholars and thinkers so that our audiences can educate themselves about some of the big names in the field of linguistics and their ideas about language, culture, cognition, and more. This is, of course, a companion piece to a previous blog post that provided links to lectures on language and linguistics, but this post connects to lectures by women and people of color (rather than white males) in order to give a more complete representation of the racial, ethnic, sexual, and intellectual diversity of the field.

Lisa Green

“African American English through the Years”

Lýdia Machová

“The Secrets of Learning a New Language”

Mary Haas

Oral History Interview

Keren Rice and Ken Hale

“Fieldwork and Community: Aspects of Variation and Change”

Patricia Kuhl

“The Linguistic Genius of Babies”

Ahmar Mahboob

“Linguistics for Development: What Linguistics do We Need in the Developing World and Why?”

Barbara H. Partee

Semantics (Whatmough Lecture 2014)

Kate Burridge


Anne Charity Hudley

“Linguistics and Community Engagement: Keeping It Real”

John McWhorter

“4 Reasons to Learn a New Language”

“Words on the Move: The Spectator Sport of How and Why Language Changes”

Deborah Tannen

“The Language of Friendship: The Role of Talk in an Understudied Relationship”

“A Linguist’s Intellectual Journey”

Lera Boroditsky

“How Language Shapes the Way We Think”